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Pod+ candle lava lamp: Copper
£52.00 Free Fast Delivery
20% off when you buy more than one
Lovely gift box
Pod+ candle lava lamp: Copper

A taller candle powered lava lamp in copper

(20% Multiple Discount)

Pod+ candle lava lamp: Copper

Pod+ is made of copper-plated cast metal and works with standard tea lights, 3 are included in the gift box. Warm-up time is quicker than larger lava lamps at about 20 min. With no wires Pod+ can be placed anywhere in the house or in the garden on still evenings.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp

Works with Regular Tea Lights

Pod + works with regular tea lights these work well. We recommend 15mm for optimum flow. 3 tea lights are included in every Pod +.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp

Highest Quality & Safety Standards

Made with precision cast metal with every detail considered Mathmos makes the Pod + to the highest quality and safety standards.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp

Place Pod + Anywhere

No lead means Mathmos' candle powered lava lamps can be placed anywhere; in the centre of a table, outside on a calm evening, in the bathroom..

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp

Stylish Gift Packaging

Pod+ has lovely gift packaging in vibrant colours with silver foil blocking. Too lovely to throw away.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp

Collect The Pod Family

The Pod family have tessellated hexagon-shaped bases. So in pairs or groups, they sit happily together. Collect them over time or buy them in groups with the 20% Multiple Discount.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp

Lifetime Use

Mathmos prides itself in supplying spare bottles so you can always recondition your Mathmos lava lamp. Take advantage of the 30% Extras Discount when you buy a replacement bottle. 

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp


Take time to focus on the slow movement of the lava.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp


Create a calm atmosphere for your Yoga or Pilates practice.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp


To the gentle flicker of the candle and the gentle movement of lava.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp


No wires mean Pod and Pod+ can sit in the middle of a table.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp - Outside


On a calm evening Pod and Pod+ are great outside.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp


Create a chill-out vibe for your party.

Mathmos pod candle lava lamp box
Weight: 871 grams
Product size: Height: 31 cm (12.20 inches), Width: 9 cm (3.54 inches)
Light: 3 Tea lights (included)
Power: Tea light (included)
Materials: Cast zinc alloy base and bottle cap with copper finish - Glass bottle - Mathmos lava formula
Pod+ can be used for 3 hours at any one time; the average burn time for one tea light.


£52.00 In stock

Mathmos Lava Lamps



Mathmos astro lava lamp children advice


Pod is not a toy. Please position well out of reach of children under 14 years old.


Mathmos candle Lava lamp instructions

Mathmos Fireflow, Pod and Pod+ Candle Lava Lamp - Instructions


Never use for more than 4 hours at any one time as the product will become dangerously hot.

Never touch the bottle or metal parts whilst the product is in operation as they become very hot.

Always allow one hour after use to let the product cool down before touching it or the tea light.

  • Never move or shake the bottle when in use or for one hour afterwards as this will cause irreparable clouding.
  • Use only the small 4-hour tea lights as the long-lasting ones will burn for too long.
  • Please use a new tea light every time you use the product to avoid changing it whilst mid-operation.
  • Please clean the base of the bottle before use every time to clear any soot that the tea light may have deposited onto the bottle.
  • Do not leave the product unattended with small children or animals.
  • The contents of the bottle are not dangerous and can be disposed of normally.
  • Should the liquids be spilt onto the skin or come into contact with the eyes pour on cool water, if symptoms appear please visit the doctor.

Mathmos candle Lava lamp instructions


Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with candles.

  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  2. Burn the candle out of the reach of children and pets.
  3. Trim the wick to about 1cm (1/2”) before lighting.
  4. Do not burn the candle on or near anything that can catch fire.
  5. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with candles. Remove all packaging before use.
  6. Do not place candles in a draft.
  7. Keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaming If the candle overheats and flares, cover with a damp cloth.
  8. Do not use water to extinguish the flame.


On a level surface in room temperature between 20 and 24ºC and (69-75ºF). Do not place on carpets or block the ventilation spaces beneath the lamp.

Away from;
Children & animals - To prevent breakage
Sunlight - To prevent fading
Draughts - To prevent slow operation and candle going out


  1. Place the round metal insert into the designated position in the base.
  2. Place the bottle on top and the metal cap on top of the bottle.
  3. Light the tea light and insert into the opening in the base.


Between 20 - 40 minutes depending on the surrounding temperature and the brand of tea light used.

TURN OFF After 4 hrs use, or before, gently blow the tea light out without touching the product as it will now be hot.



  1. Q. Which tealights should I use with my Fireflow / Pod?
    A. Tealights differ in Flame height, heating power and wick length. The larger tealights with a height of 15 mm work best. If you have a lower tea light you could try and raise its height by placing a coin under the tea light. These work well here.
  2. Q. Will candle powered lava lamps work outside?
    A. Yes like any unprotected candle light you need a place with no wind.


  1. Q. Can I buy replacement parts for my lava lamp?
    A. Yes Mathmos lava lamps are designed to last please buy replacement parts here.
  2. Q. My lava lamp is faulty what can I do?
    A. Firstly read through these FAQs to see if your question has been answered. If not we offer a one year warranty on all our products and two years if bought direct from our websites. If your lamp is within the warranty period, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist. Please read our Faulty Product Returns Advice.
  3. Q. Why is my lava lamp cloudy?
    A. Lava lamps become cloudy for two reasons; either they have been shaken or moved whilst hot or they have reached the end of their life (2000 hours). You can purchase a replacement bottle for your lava lamp here.

    cloudy bottle - bottle cloudy - cloudy lava lamp - lava cloudy

  4. Q. Why does my lava lamp have specs and bubbles in the glass?
    A. Mathmos lava lamp bottles are manufactured in one of the highest quality automated bottling factories in Britian. Small bubbles are a normal part of this manufacturing process, it is not a fault.

    glass imperfections - imperfections glass - bubble glass - small bubbles glass - bubbles bottles - bottle bubbles

  5. Q. What are the differences in quality between a Mathmos lava lamp and others?
    A. A different lava formulation giving better lava flow, longer life, clearer liquids and more vivid colours. The metal parts are of a thicker, higher grade metal allowing us to hand polish them to a high shine. Our bulbs are directional taking the heat away from the base and directing the light into the lava. We have a higher standard of safety and build quality audited by a number of different bodies. We provide a comprehensive range of spare parts unlike other throw away products. We have 56 years of British manufacturing excellence to draw on.
  6. Q. How long should it take for my lava lamp to warm up?
    A. Lava lamps should start working within an hour to an hour and a half of turning them on. First they will form stalagmite shapes, then they will start to form lava lamp shapes.  Please note, new bottles will take longer to heat up (up to three hours), but the heating time will decrease after several uses.

    If your lava lamp does not warm up in this time it may be positioned in the wrong place or the room may be too cold. Lava lamps should be positioned away from drafts and air conditioning. The room should be at least 20 degrees centigrade.

    how long warm up - how long start up - lava lamp start up time - lava lamp warm up time

  7. Q. My lava lamp just has one large bubble sitting at the top of the bottle that does not move?
    A. The lava lamp is overheated. It could have been on too long (more than 8 hours), so please turn it off and allow it too cool. Or it is positioned in a room that is too hot (more than 24 degrees) or next to a heater. Please reposition your lamp.

    lava stuck at the top

  8. Q. How should I recycle my lava lamp bottle when it reaches the end of its life?
    A. Please make a hole in the metal cap with a sharp point, then pour away the liquid. The bottle may then be recycled through your local recycling centre.

    bottle throw away - dispose bottle

  9. Q. Can I buy new liquids for my lava lamp?
    A. Lava lamp bottles are a sealed unit and should not be tampered with. We do not sell the liquids separately, but you can buy a new bottle and contents for Mathmos lava lamps here.

    lava lamp liquid - new liquid lava lamp - refill - buy new liquids - buy new wax - buy new lava

  10. Q. Can I buy a new cap for my lava lamp bottle?
    A. Lava lamp bottles are a sealed unit and so we do not sell the cap separately, but you can buy a new bottle and contents here.

    lava lamp cap - cap lava lamp - buy cap

  11. Q. Why is my bottle not sitting straight in the base?

    Bottles are now supplied with a lip which runs around the lower part of the bottle, to ensure it will sit straight in the base.  When the bottle is placed on the base, it should sit securely, although it will still be possible to move the bottle from side to side and a shadow gap may be visible.

    There are minute variations in bottle and base size over time so it may be that occasionally for some much older products a new bottle does not fit in the base. If your bottle isn't sitting in the base, please contact our customer service team.

    wonky lava lamp - wonky bottle - bottle wonky

  12. Q. How long do lava lamp bottles last?
    A. Mathmos Lava lamp bottles last for approximately 2000 hours of use. After this you can buy a replacement bottle here.

    lava lamp lifespan - lifespan lava lamp - lava lamp last

  13. Q. Where can I buy replacement bulbs for my Mathmos lava lamp?
    A. Mathmos have large stocks of replacement bulbs for our lava lamps available here.

    which bulb - buy bulb - which bulb do I need - broken bulb - faulty bulb

  14. Q. What is Mathmos doing about halogen bulb phase out?
    A. Don’t worry whilst some halogen bulbs are being phased out for lighting purposes Mathmos uses halogen bulbs primarily to heat its lava lamps rather than to light them; so the use of halogen bulbs in our lava lamps is part of a special purpose exemption under current regulations. We have large stocks of these special purpose bulbs and we also have an ongoing supply. We also have alternative ways of powering our iconic lamps should there be further changes to the regulations in the future.

    bulb - halogen

  15. Q. Why don't you do replacement bottles in the colour I want?
    A. Mathmos have made a huge number of colourways over our long history, it is not possible to keep all the colours in stock. Please choose from the current range and sign up to our social media channels to be notified of limited releases of other colours.

    bespoke refills - bespoke colours - custom colours - custom refills - bottle colours - custom lava colours - bespoke lava colours - bespoke bottle colours - special colours

  16. Q. Do you offer custom refills?
    A. We are not able to offer this service on an ongoing basis however if you sign up to our social media channels we may issue selected annual dates for collectors to have bottles refilled.

    bespoke refills - bespoke colours - custom colours - custom refills - bottle colours - custom lava colours - bespoke lava colours - bespoke bottle colours - special colours

  17. Q. Why has my lava lamp made strange stalagmite shapes?
    A. This is a normal part of the warming up process. Please leave it on longer and then it will start to form moving lava shapes.

    strange lava - lava sticks

  18. Q. My lava lamp is not lighting up?
    A. Please check that your bulb is working. You may buy a new bulb here. Alternatively, please check the integrity of the fuse in the plug.

    lava lamp broken - lava lamp doesn't work - broken bulb - faulty bulb

  19. Q. Can I buy Mathmos lava lamps for delivery to the USA and Canada?
    A. Not at the moment but please sign up to our USA mailing list to be notified when you can buy from us here.

    usa lava lamps - canada lava lamps - lava lamps usa - lava lamps canada - america lava lamps - lava lamps america - lava lamp usa

  20. Q. Why can I see bubbles in the lava?
    A. Small bubbles in the lava are normal particularly when you first receive the lamp. As you use this over time the bubbles will reduce.
  21. Q. Why has the liquid in my bottle gone clear?
    A. Over time the dye in the lava liquid will fade, particularly if it is positioned in direct sunlight. If you lamp was bought within warranty and the instructions were followed please contact our customer service team. If your lamp is out of warranty you can buy a new bottle here.

    liquid clear - clear liquid

  22. Q. The liquid level of my lamp is too low. Can I top it up?
    A. No Mathmos lava lamp bottles are sealed units. Do not attempt to take off the cap and on no account top up the liquid. The heat from a lava lamp causes the liquid to expand and topping it up could cause the lamp to be overfilled and put pressure on the glass as the liquids expand. If you are not happy with your bottle buy a new one here.

    liquid low - liquid refill - top up liquid

  23. Q. Why is there wax sticking to the side of the bottle?
    A. If you use the lamp a few times this wax should join the rest of the lava. If this does not happen and your lamp was bought less than a year ago please contact us here. If you lamp is over a year old please buy a replacement bottle here.
  24. Q. Do you offer any colours in addition to what is shown on your website?
    A. No, however we do constantly add new colours so sign up to our mailing list to be notified of new colours as they are released. We do occasionally release short runs of special colours, please sign up to our social channels to be notified.

    bespoke bottles - special bottles - custom bottles - custom colour

  25. Q. Why can I see a metal spring coil floating in my lava lamp bottle?
    A. The metal spring is an essential component of a lava lamp bottle. However it should be sitting at the bottom of the bottle. Run the lamp for several hours and hopefully the spring will settle in its right place.

    metal coil in bottle - metal spring in bottle

  26. Q. Why can I see a foreign object in my new lava lamp bottle?
    A. There should not be anything other than lava and liquid in the bottle. Sometimes you can see darker specs in the lava as it is flowing. Each batch is individually made and these are dye particles that are sometimes present. These often fade over time. If you see anything else in your bottle, please contact customer services here.

    hair in lava lamp - hair in bottle - dirt in bottle - dirt in lava lamp

  27. Q. How old is my Lava Lamp?
    A. There have been many small changes in the manufacture of Mathmos lava lamps over our long period of production. Dating lava lamps is not something we can do for you. You might want to visit one of the specialist sites such as to begin this process.
  28. Q. How can I clean my lava lamp?
    A. The bottle should be cleaned with glass cleaner and a cloth. The base and cap is aluminium so please use recomended products. If in doubt just use a soft cloth.

    clean lava lamp - polish lava lamp

  29. Q. My lava lamp broke on the floor.  How do I clean it?
    A. Dispose of as much liquid and lava as you can remove from the floor. Then use recommended cleaning methods for removing coloured water and wax for whatever floor you have.

    bottle smashed - smashed bottle

  30. Q. Can I buy Bayonet fitting bulbs for my 1960s lamp?
    A. Yes you can, we had these specially made to ensure our 60s lamps can still be enjoyed, see here.

    bayonet bulb

  31. Q. The replacement bottle I ordered doesn't fit my lamp. Can I change it?
    A. Please contact customer services here.

    replace - change bottle - ordered wrong bottle

  32. Q. Can I buy new liquid and wax?
    A. No please buy a complete new bottle here.

    refill - liquid refill - refill liquid - refill bottle - bottle refill - buy liquid refill - buy bottle refill - buy new liquids - buy new wax - buy new lava

  33. Q. What is the lifespan of a bottle or bulb?
    A. Mathmos lava lamp bottles last 2000 hours. The life of the bulbs vary depending on usage but replacement bulbs are available to buy from here here.

    how long bottle - how long bulb - broken bulb - faulty bulb

  34. Q. Where is the Mathmos brand on my lava lamp?
    A. The Mathmos brand is on the plastic base and either printed on the product itself, on a brand label on the lead or etched on the glass.

    brand - logo - where

  35. Q. Why is there is a small gap between the base and the bottle?
    A. Some lamps have a shadow gap between the base and the bottle; this is normal.

    gap - base - bottle - rim

  36. Q. How do I recycle my lava lamp base?
    A. Why not buy a new bottle and bulb and reuse it? If you must recycle it, please take it to your nearest household recycling centre which has facilities available for recycling electrical waste.

    recycle - dispose

  37. Q. Why does my lava lamp colour look different to the picture?
    A. Mathmos lava lamp bottles are made by hand so there will be small variations in colour. Also bear in mind that colours look very different in the dark and in the light, our photographs are taken in the light.
  38. Q. Do you supply lamp holders for my base?
    A. Due to electrical safety regulations we are unable to supply lamp holders I’m afraid.
  39. Q. Has the formulation of Mathmos lava lamps changed?
    A. The formulation has improved since the 1960s making our lamps less likely to cloud in the heat or freeze in the cold. However we have not changed the formula in many years.
  40. Q. Why does my lava not flow / make lava shapes?
    1. Check your bulb is working
    2. Check you have positioned the lamp away from drafts, air conditioning or a window. Try the lamp in a new position in the room.
    3. Make sure the room is at least 20 degrees centigrade.
    4. The lamp will take longer to warm up the first few times; run the lamp for 4 – 6 hours each time.
    5. If you have an older base check the correct light source is fitted: see bulb section for the possible bulbs here.
    6. Check there is a coil at the bottom of the bottle.
  41. Q. What should I do if my lava lamp has been moved while being on and is now cloudy?
    A. Clouding in a bottle which has been moved when it is in use or still warm is irreparable. You can try and run the bottle for a few times to see if this will improve it. If this does not help, you can buy a new bottle here.

Pod+ & Pod Candle Lava Lamps


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