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Space Projector: lava lamp projector
£128.00 Free Fast Delivery
Space Projector - Children and Sensory Space Projector - Relaxation Space Projector - Wellbeing environments Space Projector - Parties Space Projector - Colours Extra effects (see tab below) Space Projector - Box
Space Projector: lava lamp projector

The Mathmos lava lamp projector with a huge range of extra effects available.

Space Projector: lava lamp projector

The Mathmos Space Projector projects a constantly changing lava lamp image onto walls or ceilings of up to 13ft / 4m. Choose a projector in silver, white or black and one of seven different lava lamp wheel colour combinations; one wheel is included with each projector.

Mathmos Space projector effects

Extra Effects

There are a great variety of affordable Extra Effects.

Space Projector projection size

Projection Size

The size of the projection will depend on the distance of the projector from the wall or the ceiling and the darkness of the environment. The biggest projection of 13ft / 4m will be achieved in totally dark rooms projecting onto a light coloured surface.

Space projector LED bulb

LED Bulb *New*

The Space Projector is now fitted with an LED bulb which offers several benefits; it runs brighter (now 230lm lumens), the surface temperature is greatly reduced, the power consumption is halved, the lifetime of the bulb is vastly improved and the new crisp white light shows off the moving liquid colours to their best advantage.

Mathmos gold star service

Platinum Service

Mathmos is a Platinum Award Trusted Merchant online. Don't take our word for it visit Feefo to see reviews of our products and service. If you are not completely happy we have 30 Day Returns (free with PayPal).

Mathmos shop direct

2 Year Shop Direct Guarantee

Mathmos Space Projector is made to the highest quality and safety standards. We offer a 2 Year Shop Direct Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Mathmos lava formulation

Unique Lava Formulation

Mathmos' unique lava lamp formulation ensures a brilliant, constantly changing liquid lava lamp image on walls or ceilings. Shop direct from Mathmos to choose from the full range of lava colour combinations.

Mathmos Space projector effects

Sensory Environments

The Mathmos Space Projector is widely used in sensory spaces of all kinds. It is light and portable and very easy to set up and use. Please visit our sister website for more information

Space Projector projection size

Children’s Bedrooms

Ideal as a night light, the Mathmos projector casts a low constantly changing light, perfect in children's bedrooms. Choose from liquid lava lamp wheels, full-colour scenes or intricate graphic images, both static and moving.

Mathmos Space projector effects

Extra Effects

There are a great variety of affordable Extra Effects. Take advantage of the 30% Extras Discount when you spend £65 or more.

Space projector LED bulb

Wellbeing Spaces

Our projector with unique Mathmos lava lamp formula is ideal for use in dimly lit spaces for all kinds of wellbeing activities; yoga, meditation, mindfulness etc.

Mathmos gold star service


Perfect for relaxing at home in the evening, the soft modulating light creates an instantly calming atmosphere.

Mathmos shop direct


Ideal for parties and chill-out areas, the Space Projector creates the perfect vibe for evening events.

Space Projector

How does it work?

Mathmos space projector box
Weight: 1.8 kg
Product size: Diameter: 24 cm (9.45 inches), Depth: 5 cm (1.96 inches)
Light: MR11/GU4 3W 12V LED Spot 4000K
Power: Mains power
Materials: ABS plastic body


£128.00 In stock

Mathmos Lava Lamps


This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A++, A+ and A. The luminaire is sold with a bulb of the energy class: A+

For best effects use in a darkened room and project onto a light surface.

NB. Space Projector and its effects are not Made in Britain. Mathmos lava lamps, on the other hand, have been Made in Britain since 1963.

  1. Q. How big is the image produced by the space projector?
    A. The darker the environment the bigger the image can be. The biggest focused images that can be achieved vary with different effects; Lava lamp wheels can project focused images of up to 4 meters / 13 ft. in a dark room, all the others will give a crisp focused image of approx. 1.5 meters / 4 ft.
  2. Q. How do I make the image clearer?
    A. Turn the clear plastic focus ring to adjust the image and make it as crisp as possible.
  3. Q. I think my Space Projector is faulty what shall I do?
    A. Firstly read through these FAQs to see if your question has been answered. If not we offer a one year warranty on all our products. If your lamp was purchased less than a year ago, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist. Please read our Faulty Product Returns Advice.

    faulty - broken - not spinning - not rotating

  4. Q. Can the Space Projector project onto the ceiling and the floor?
    A. It can project onto the ceiling by rotating the body but not onto the floor.

    screw to floor - screw to ceiling - floor mount - ceiling mount

  5. Q. Can I buy a projector without an effect?
    A. No projectors are sold with one effect of your choice. You then buy other effects separately.

    just wheel - only wheel

  6. Q. Can I use a lava lamp wheel and graphic wheel at the same time?
    A. No you can only use one wheel at a time. However you can use wheels in conjunction with slide graphics or coloured slides.

    2 wheels - two wheels

  7. Q. Can the projector be mounted on a wall?
    A. No the projector is designed to work on a flat surface.

    wall mount - screw wall

  8. Q. Can I buy a custom wheel for my projector?
    A. We can make custom wheels and slides in quantities of 50 or more please contact us here.

    bespoke wheel - custom - unique

  9. Q. There is something strange in my lava lamp wheel?
    A. If there something that looks like it should not be there, run the projector and wheel for several days for a few hours and it should disappear. If it is still there after this and your lamp was purchased less than a year ago, please read our Faulty Product Returns Advice.

    hair in wheel - hair - foreign object - dirt wheel - fluff wheel

  10. Q. Can I buy replacement parts for my space projector?
    A. Yes we offer replacement bulbs, focus bodies, O rings, slide carriers and motors click here.

    replacement base - replacement bulb - new bulb

  11. Q. My Space Projector is making a noise what shall I do?
    A. Please ensure that it is on an even surface and that it is not left running longer than 6 hours. If it is still making a noise and your lamp was purchased less than a year ago, please read our Faulty Product Returns Advice. If your lamp was purchased over a year ago please buy a new motor click here.

    strange noise

  12. Q. Where is the Mathmos brand on my space projector?
    A. The Mathmos brand is on the transformer and sometimes printed on the base.

    where - brand - logo

Click here to view and download general instructions for Space Projector.
Resellers to the health and sensory sectors please visit our sister site to download images, bar codes and certification. You will also find a selected range of Mathmos products selected to aid health and wellbeing.
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