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Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges
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A Pair of Lava Lamp Pin Badges Astro Lava Lamp Pin Badge Astro Baby Lava Lamp Pin Badge All Badges are Numbered Wear on Jackets and Coats Produced by Fattorini Bentley badge by Fattorini
Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges

A limited-edition pair of Mathmos lava lamp pin badges.

Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges

A pair of limited edition Mathmos lava lamp pin badges of our classic Astro and Astro Baby designs. A strictly limited edition of 2000 numbered pairs of badges with their edition number embossed on the back. The enamelled metal badges are produced by the heritage British company, Fattorini, established in 1827. Fattorini supplies The Queen of the United Kingdom with insignia, honours and awards and holds a Royal Warrant. They are craftsmen of outstanding quality producing an incredible range of iconic metal products, see below. Take advantage of the 30% Extras Discount.

Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges

Collector's Edition

Of special interest to collectors, this edition is strictly limited to 2000 pieces. All have their number embossed on the back and are pinned to a presentation card. 

Mathmos lava lamps 90s

Iconic '90s Graphics 

Thirty years ago Mathmos had fly posters all over Britain featuring these designs of our classic 1960s lava lamps. We drew inspiration from these iconic designs for our pin badges. 

lava lamp pin badge use


Wear the badges by pinning them to a jacket or coat. They also work well on bags. Great little gifts or of course if you are a collector just keep them safe in their original packaging. 

Best quality unique Mathmos lava lamp formula

Fattorini by Appointment to the Queen

This is the Fattorini factory in Birmingham, they were established in 1827 by Antonio Fattorini. They gained their Royal Warrant in 2008 for supplying The Queen and received a visit from Prince Charles in 2014.

Highest quality lava lamp

The Highest Quality Badges

Fattorini make badges for some of the great British products and events. They make the badges for the best British car brands; Bentley, Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin and McLaren. They also made the badge for the British Olympic torch.

lava lamp pin badge use

Fattorini Artist Craftsmen

Fattorini has made an incredible range of bespoke products through their long history, see here. Here are a couple of their sporting trophies; the British Football Association Cup and the British Rugby League World Cup trophy cockerel. 

Individual badge size: 39mm x 35mm
Pack size: 90mm x 58mm
Individual badge weight: 11g
Pack weight: 24g
Materials: Enamelled metal with polished and numbered back
Fastening type: Butterfly clasp
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