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  1.  ▼ What measures is Mathmos taking to keep its employees and customers safe?

    We recognise this is an extremely difficult time for our colleagues and customers. Our priority is their health and safety, and we're doing all we can to minimise the potential spread of the virus.

    All employees not needed in manufacturing or distribution are working from home with all the necessary tools. We're closely monitoring updates from the Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest safety advice. Compulsory hand washing and antibacterial gels are in place in our spacious factory and we have enhanced the cleaning schedules. Production staff are wearing masks and latex gloves and are at least 2m from each other at all times.

  2.  ▼ Can I still purchase Mathmos products online?

    Yes, following current government guidelines our online stores are open.

  3.  ▼ I've ordered a product online; will it be impacted by the virus?

    Our websites are running, and our team is working hard to ensure that orders are processed as usual. Please allow a day or two more to allow for delivery delays.

  4.  ▼ Are the Mathmos factory in the UK and the fulfilment centre in Germany still open?

    Our factory and fulfilment centre are up and running and are carrying good stocks of Mathmos products.

    Across our working locations, we have increased health and safety measures to ensure that we protect our colleagues and our customers. Compulsory handwashing is in place in our factory and distribution fulfilment centre, and we have taken steps to enhance the cleaning schedules. Antibacterial gels, masks and latex gloves have also been made available and Mathmos factory staff are practising social distancing advice, staying at lease 2m apart at all times and working according to World Health Organisation guidelines.

  5.  ▼ Will there be delivery delays?

    We have extended our delivery advice by two days to allow for short delays during this time.

  6.  ▼ Have you extended your returns policy?

    Our returns policy has now returned to 30 days from the dispatch date, for further information see here.

  7.  ▼ Will I have to leave home to make a return?

    No, several carriers offer a pickup service, for example, see here.

  8.  ▼ What safety measures are your carriers taking?

    See here for updates from our carrier Parcelforce.

  9.  ▼ If a Mathmos employee is forced into self-isolation, will they be receiving paid sick leave?

    In the instance that any of our employees are required to self-isolate, we will support their wellbeing and the health of those around them. Employees who have been advised to self-isolate and who are unable to work from their homes, such as our factory or distribution centre staff, will be paid.

  10.  ▼ Some areas of my country are experiencing problems with deliveries where can I see what areas are affected?

    See here.

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