Children’s Art Giveaway


Let’s get creative! We are hosting a competition for kids to create their own Mathmos masterpieces for a chance of winning an all ages Mathmos Neo lava lamp of their choice. For more details follow us on Instagram or Facebook and see posts our posts from the 29th of April. See here for Ts & Cs.

We have been gifting Neo lava lamps to hospitals, local schools and charities to help provide some calm in these strange times.

The Neo lava lamp prizes are suitable for all ages and can help with people’s wellbeing and stress relief as they can focus on the soothing flowing lava. Find Neo Lava Lamp Here.

Stay Safe & Calm at Home

Stay Safe – Home Working

Many of us at Mathmos, like many of you, are now staying safe and working efficiently from home. Only those of us involved in manufacture and despatch are going into our new factory. Luckily we now have lots of space and have put in protocols to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible and the business continues to run smoothly.

Covid-19 FAQs

Stay Calm – Instagram Competition

How do you stay calm when working from home? We suggest taking a moment away from your screen to focus on the gentle movement of coloured lava. We have just given away 10 Mathmos lava lamps in a recent Instagram competition. Follow us @mathmos_originals to take part in future competitions. 

Stay Calm – Home Schooling

Many of us are now homeschooling our children, some are homeschooling and home working; not easy.

Extended Returns

For your peace of mind, we have now extended our returns to 90 days.

Covid-19 FAQs

Mathmos in Poole

We are currently in the window of the museum in Poole for the local light festival. Poole is home to Mathmos and has been since our invention of the lava lamp in 1963.

Watch our Video

Amongst other activities we made a video for the museum and for the Light Up Poole digital light art festival. The video runs through our 56 years in Poole. Watch video here

Early Days of the Astro Lava Lamp

by Christine, former wife and business partner of inventor and founder of Mathmos Edward Craven Walker (ECW)

“Edward Craven Walker (E.C.W.) saw a primitive form of a lava lamp used as an egg timer in The Queens Head pub in the New Forest, near Poole. He was captivated by the movement of the liquids and set out to develop the idea into a workable light.

He worked hard and eventually developed an interesting and fascinating form of lava movement. The company was then formed in September 1963, a small workshop unit was set up in Poole and manufacture started with just a few members of staff. The first patent was filed by the company in 1964 under the name of Dave Smith, a member of the team working under E.C.W. for a short time, developing an early method of sealing the bottles.

The first Astro lamps manufactured ruined when moved about by carrier and could only be delivered by our own transport. So we acquired an old Post Office van, which we called “Smokey” because it was grey and yes, it smoked! Nevertheless, it was driven to shops all over the country to deliver the precious cargo.

As demand grew it became urgent to produce a lamp where the waxy component became a solid when cold so that the lamps did not ruin when moved. This had to be done in secret as there was a lot of intrigue and suspicion around at the time! We spent hundreds of hours finding and getting hold of different chemicals with which to experiment. We had some of the chemicals delivered to other addresses so that the people at the factory did not know what they were. Or we transferred the chemicals to plain sacks for the same reason. Much of the testing was done in the workshop out of hours and at home. We had a testbed set up in one of the rooms at home and spent many, many hours watching, timing and comparing different shapes with different chemical combinations.

E.C.W. was determined to find a solution and eventually we found the right formulation. For a period, he would make up part of the formula without telling anybody what it was. Also, during this time, we found a glass manufacturer who would make bottles with screw tops to overcome the problem of sealing. In 1966 we filed more patents, employed more people, started doing trade shows, met partners in the US and Japan and took over more workshops in the boatyard in Poole – things really started to take off …”

New iO Giant Lava Lamp

We are delighted to announce the launch of iO Mathmos’ new giant lava lamp standing at 78cm (2.5ft) tall. After years of development, this fantastic new lamp is on sale now.
(We’re doing everything we can to get the next batch ready so you can have them before Christmas, but this means we will temporarily be raising the price of iO from £375 to £425 to allow for increased production costs. We hope that the price will drop again next year.)

Unique Shape

iO is made of solid precision cast metal with a chrome finish. The complex design ensures that iO is held securely together and also looks fantastic from any angle.

FIRST100 Numbered Collectors Editions

We are numbering the FIRST100 produced with a unique etched number on the base and sticker on the box. Move quickly to own one of the early numbers and secure one of these collector’s editions. (Now SOLD OUT).


Mathmos Design Studio have worked closely with award-winning designers J.Coles and J.French over a number of years to design and develop the iO.

* New * POD & POD+ candle powered lava lamps

Our Unique Candle Powered Lava Lamp Range Is Growing

Building on the success of Fireflow we have developed two new tea-light powered lava lamps, see below. We have also redesigned all our packaging for the candle powered range making them even more giftable. Take advantage of the 20% discount when you buy more than one. Move quickly to snap up one of the First100 numbered edition (NOW SOLD OUT).

*New* POD

A chrome-plated candle powered lava lamp. Place Pod anywhere around the house and garden and relax with the flickering of the candle and the slow movement of the lava. Pod lava lamp is powered by standard tea lights, 3 are included in the gift box. Pod will warm up in around 20 minutes.

Buy Now

*New* POD+

Create an installation by combining Pod+ with Pod (20% off for more than one). The extra height gives Pod+ more presence, use them like candlesticks, as focal points to create a restful mood.

Buy now

Pod FIRST100 Instagram Competition

The winning comments from our recent Instagram Competition asking where you would place your Pod or Pod +.

I would put it on my streaming desk so that when I’m streaming live on @twitch I have a great backdrop for people to watch. @jordilicious

I’d love to win these to place them in my yoga and wellbeing space so many others could benefit from them. @bodyequilibrium

I would put the lamps in my video-editing studio to get those creative thoughts ON while watching the POD. @dammeskieft

Hi Guys, I’d love to place them on my terrace, we spend a lot of time there in the evening and they would look great. @daniel_muntean

I think I’d brighten up my desk and put one of these there, to make the corporate day a bit groovier. @johnlewis_

Living Room
Im Wohnzimmer. Danke fur die tolle verlosung
Translation: In the living room. Thanks for the great giveaway. @Stefaniemeer84

Alongisde other Mathmos lamps
Nel mio salotto accanto alla Astrolamp
Translation: In my living room next to the Astro lamp. @roberto_ds23

Bathroom / Selfcare
In the bathroom, next to the bath so I can bathe in its glorious gloopy glow. @rhyannon_styles

Under the Christmas tree for the kids who’ve both moved into their own first homes. @liz_wright90

Winter Garden
In den Wintergarten in unserem neuen Haus… sie ist traumhaft schon
Translation: In the winter garden in our new house … she is gorgeous already. @nicole_svs

FIRST100 Numbered Collectors Editions

Mathmos products have long been collectable. As a reward for those quickest off the mark, we will be numbering the First100 products sold of every new product launched. We will be keeping No.1 for our archive, the rest will be first come first served at the regular price. We will also be running competitions on Instagram @Mathmos_Originals to win some of our unique First100 new products so make sure you sign up for a chance to win.

Mathmos at Second Home Co Working

We really enjoyed styling a photoshoot at Second Home in London Fields. Second Home is a contemporary office space that has wonderful buildings in London, LA and Lisbon for creative co-working.

The recently opened London Fields branch is designed by Spanish Architects Cano Lasso, we think it is the perfect setting for Mathmos lava lamps.The frontage of the building is inspired by German Architect Frei Otto who loved to create buildings wrapped in see-through membranes.

The artistic inspiration carries on throughout the inside of London Fields as you can see repeating circles in different depths, they remind us of the 60s art of Paolo Scheggi recently shown at the Estorik Collection in London.

Our Mathmos lava lamps are perfectly suited to Second Home as they are both great blends of modern retro. We took the opportunity to shoot an exciting new product in the range at Second Home and we cannot wait to show you. Make sure you sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear about the launch later this year.

Mathmos Lava Lamp Wall

Mathmos lava lamp walls are an effective way to make an impact in a public space like this one, featured in Jimmy’s music venue and bar in Liverpool, using the Neo wall – available in silver, copper or white.

We custom sprayed these 50 x Neo walls in a matt black paint to match the brand’s colour scheme. You can also use the wires of the lamps as part of the display to make shapes, using Neo wall bosses, or you can hide them behind a stud wall.

The Neo wall mounted lava lamps are easy to assemble, are low voltage and make a big statement when used in multiples. We offer 15 different colour combinations to suit every location and you can take advantage of 20% off when you purchase more than one available on our website.

“We’ve included a little nod to the psychedelic 60s era with 50 Lava Lamps that have all been created especially for Jimmy’s Liverpool by the world renowned Mathmos Lava Lamps of Poole.”


The Moon Landings

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings in July 1969.

This incredible event inspired people the world over. Musicians like the 1960s British band the Tornadoes to create their hit instrumental ‘Telstar’. Fashion designers like Spanish designer Paco Rabanne who created the outrageous space inspired outfits for the cult classic film, Barbarella, which in turn inspired our name “Mathmos”.

Edward Craven Walker the founder of Mathmos was also influenced by man’s adventures in space; our original Astro lava lamp base shape is inspired by a British design for a space shuttle.

We often use space-inspired product names for our products such as Galaxy, Eclipse and Lunar to name a just a few from the past, watch this space for a great new product with a space-inspired name coming this autumn.

Inspired by Lava

Fashion, Tech & Craft are all inspired by lava right now;

lava lamps inspired wallpaper for Apple IOS

The new Apple iOS 13 update features new wallpapers that are inspired by lava bubbles in 4 different colour variations.

lava lamp inspired trainers from Nike

Nike’s react presto ‘Psychedelic Lava’ trainers launched this month and are inspired by the trippy flow of lava lamps, with the orange parts referencing the heat source. Other nods to lava include the popular Nike lava leggings.

Lava lamp inspired artwork by Anthea Hamilton

The Volcano table by Anthea Hamilton featured during London Craft Week. This lava inspired table is made from blown glass and limestone tiles and can be found pride of place in the Lowe store in New Bond Street, London.