Love, Love, Love

mathmos lava lamp - love someone

We think we could all do with a bit of extra love during these difficult times. Treat someone special to a Mathmos lava lamp; whether that’s the partner or family members you’ve endured lockdown with, a distant love you’ve been missing or a friend you want to cheer up from afar and we’ll ship your Mathmos gift to them contact-free.

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Times are tough right now, but that doesn’t mean you need to be tough on yourself. Carve out some time for some self-care, whether that is snuggling up with a cup of tea and a Jammy Dodger, sleeping in a bit longer or meditating with your Mathmos lava lamp. Whatever self-care looks like for you, here is your reminder to prioritise yourself.

Mathmos love your lamp - lava lamp spares

Show some TLC to your Mathmos lava lamp. Refresh your bottle with new colours and alter the ambience in your room. Buy two and swap them about to create different moods.

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Love too from Mathmos to all our EU customers. We have been preparing for the challenges that Brexit brings for years; establishing our German fulfilment centre, putting in new systems and software, building up stocks etc. We are confident that we can continue to offer the fast free deliveries and exceptional service that you are used to from Mathmos both in the UK and all over Europe.

Comfort in the Past

During times of difficulty, we often turn to things from the past, as they remind us of happier times and provide us with a sense of comfort and safety. Open a tube of smarties, enjoy the colours and the taste and instantly become a child again spending your pocket money. Ride your bike and remember the newfound thrill of independence from sunnier days. Here is a great article on this in the New York Times.

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Mathmos Retro Lava Lamps Could Make You Happier

For many people, Mathmos lava lamps spark a sense of nostalgia for good times from the ’60s or the ’90s. The slow calming movement of the lava combined with the warmth of the light and the strong colours create a sense of wellbeing.

Mathmos retro lava lamp pin badges
Mathmos Limited Edition Pin Badges

We enjoy delving back into our past; we created these limited edition pin badges based on Mathmos fly posters that were posted around the UK in the late ’90s. Made for us by historic badge makers Fattorini they are a numbered limited edition of 2000. You can buy them here:

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It made us happy to watch this classic ’70s TV advert for R Whites Lemonade again. It has been remade in various ways over the years and many of us can relate to raiding the fridge at odd times while we are spending so much time at home.

New – Giant iO in Matt Black

Mathmos iO giant black lava lamp

Mathmos’ sell-out giant lava lamp iO in matt black is in stock. iO stands at 78cm (2.5ft) tall and is available at £395 including delivery. This matt black version of Mathmos’ sell-out big lava lamp looks great from any angle and can be fixed down making it perfect for all kinds of public and domestic spaces.

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Mathmos iO Giant Black Lava Lamp - Colours

Unique Shape in 4 colour choices

Mathmos’ tall lava lamp is made of solid precision cast metal, the complex design ensures that iO is held securely together and also looks fantastic from any angle. Choose from 4 brilliant colourways including new Pink Turquoise.

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Giant lava lamp in black from Mathmos
2.5ft (78cm) Tall Lava Lamp

Top Quality Metalwork

iO giant lava lamp is made of aluminium from 5 precision cast mouldings. Each piece is double-checked by hand to ensure only the best quality parts are used in each product.

Mathmos giant lava lamp in black - High quality metal work

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Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges

Mathmos limited edition lava lamp pin badges

A pair of limited edition Mathmos lava lamp pin badges of our classic Astro and Astro Baby designs. A strictly limited edition of 2000 numbered pairs of badges with their edition number embossed on the back. The enamelled metal badges are produced by the heritage British company, Fattorini, established in 1827, see below. Take advantage of the 30% Extras Discount.

£20 a pair (£14 with Discount)

Numbered exclusive collector's lava lamp pin badges from Mathmos
All badges are numbered.

Collector’s Edition

Of special interest to collectors, this edition is strictly limited to 2000 pieces. All have their number embossed on the back and are pinned to a presentation card. 

Inspired by our iconic '90s graphics - lava lamp badges to wear on coats or bags
Wear on Jackets, Coats or Bags

Iconic ’90s Graphics

Thirty years ago Mathmos had fly posters all over Britain featuring these designs of our classic 1960s lava lamps. We drew inspiration from these iconic designs for our pin badges. 

Mathmos lava lamp pin badges produced by Fattorini

Fattorini by Appointment to the Queen

The enamelled metal badges are produced by the heritage British company, Fattorini, established in 1827. Fattorini supplies The Queen of the United Kingdom with insignia, honours and awards and holds a Royal Warrant. They are craftsmen of outstanding quality producing an incredible range of iconic metal products, see below.

Fattorini create badges for Luxury car brands and the 2012 British Olympic torch
Badges for Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar. The Badge for the British Olympic Torch.
Fattorini are the original designers/producers of the FA Cup
The UK Football Association Cup. The coin tossed to begin the 2019 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

Fattorini Artist Craftsmen

Fattorini has made an incredible range of bespoke products through their long history, see here.

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The Appearance of Colour

We are sometimes asked why the colours of lava lamps look slightly different when you turn them on at home. Also why they look different in different lighting conditions.

So we took one of our new colours blue and pink in the Astro lava lamp and photographed it in different lighting conditions. We also commissioned Antoni Malinowski who is the colour consultant for the Architectural Association in London and a fine artist to look into this for us.

Antoni malinowski donmar warehouse staircase

Antoni chose two different paints with different colours and different reflective qualities to illustrate how the same colour lava lamp can look so different in rooms painted different colours.

Mathmos Astro Lava lamp blue pink against dark blue background with lights off.

The dark cool blue reflective background multiplies the lava effect through the sharp reflection. The pink of the lava bubbles combined with the blue becomes a strong and mysterious magenta. The blue background turns the turquoise liquid into the dramatic darkness of a night sky.” A. Malinowski

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Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp - Yellow background with lights off

The same lava lamp in front of the yellow ochre matt background creates a very different ambience. The warm yellow glow turns the lava bubbles a softer pink. The reflection on the wall is softly diffused – it gently mixes the pink reflection with the yellow shades.” A. Malinowski

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We then photographed the same Astro in blue pink against a white wall with the lights on and with the lights off. See how different they are;

Mathmos Astro Lava lamp - Blue Pink - Light on
Mathmos Astro lava lamp blue pink - lights off

So when choosing your colour for your lava lamp think where you will put it, how you want it to appear and how you would like it to make you feel.

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Reuse Don’t Replace

Reuse your Mathmos lava lamp don't replace it.

Recondition Your Mathmos Lamps

No need to put Mathmos lava lamps into landfill, spares are available for all our classic lava lamps still in production from the 1960s to the present day. See our revamped spares section to find what you need.

NB. The 30% Accessory Discount is now available for most lava lamp spares.

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Mathmos packs of 10 lava lamp bulbs

Packs of 10 Bulbs

Watch out for packs of 10 lava lamp bulbs available next month. Since most of the cost of the bulbs is in the packaging, handling and shipping we are able to offer them in quantity at much more competitive prices.

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Win an Anglepoise – Instagram Giveaway

We have teamed up with Anglepoise in a mutual giveaway ending 20th September 2020. We have much in common with this heritage British lighting company including the belief that our products should continue their lives for as long as possible.

Win An Anglepoise here

Shops, Survey & Collector’s Special

Mathmos lava lamps shops in London UK - 80s - 90s

Mathmos Shops of the Past

We had some great London shops, see our Instagram and Facebook for images. One of the benefits was that we met a few of you face to face and could get to know you and find out what you thought of us.

Mathmos lava lamp factory in Poole dorset UK

Mathmos Shops of the Present

For years now we have been reaching many more of you directly from our many European websites, supplying you with our unique products fresh from our factory. Since we no longer meet you face to face we would love to know more about you and what you think of us.

Please Take Our 3 Min. Survey

Please take our quick survey for a chance to win one of 10 astro lamps. We will pick winners randomly and send you the colourway of your choice anywhere in Europe.

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Collector’s Specials

Watch out for the next collector’s special day on Wednesday the 5th of August. On that day only we will be taking orders for historic colourway blue liquid with red lava in baby and telstar bottles. They will be made to order and shipped around two weeks later.

Handmade in Europe

Mathmos lava lamp factory image. Lava lamps Made in Britain.

Mathmos has teamed up with another proud European craft based manufacturer on a reciprocal giveaway.

Like Mathmos Andy Wolf make their quality products themselves in Europe; Mathmos in Britain and Andy Wolf in Austria and France. Our heroic production staff have been working safely in our new factory throughout the pandemic.

Mathmos lava lamps. Hand spun base and caps made in Britain since 1963
Andy wolf sunglasses images with Mathmos lava lamps.

Mathmos Astro & Astro Baby

Mathmos lava lamps feature in the recent eyewear campaign by Andy Wolf Handmade glasses in Austria. Win a pair of their fabulous sunglasses in our Instagram giveaway.

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Children’s Art Giveaway


Let’s get creative! We are hosting a competition for kids to create their own Mathmos masterpieces for a chance of winning an all ages Mathmos Neo lava lamp of their choice. For more details follow us on Instagram or Facebook and see posts our posts from the 29th of April. See here for Ts & Cs.

We have been gifting Neo lava lamps to hospitals, local schools and charities to help provide some calm in these strange times.

The Neo lava lamp prizes are suitable for all ages and can help with people’s wellbeing and stress relief as they can focus on the soothing flowing lava. Find Neo Lava Lamp Here.

Stay Safe & Calm at Home

Stay Safe – Home Working

Many of us at Mathmos, like many of you, are now staying safe and working efficiently from home. Only those of us involved in manufacture and despatch are going into our new factory. Luckily we now have lots of space and have put in protocols to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible and the business continues to run smoothly.

Covid-19 FAQs

Stay Calm – Instagram Competition

How do you stay calm when working from home? We suggest taking a moment away from your screen to focus on the gentle movement of coloured lava. We have just given away 10 Mathmos lava lamps in a recent Instagram competition. Follow us @mathmos_originals to take part in future competitions. 

Stay Calm – Home Schooling

Many of us are now homeschooling our children, some are homeschooling and home working; not easy.

Extended Returns

For your peace of mind, we have now extended our returns to 90 days.

Covid-19 FAQs