Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

It was perfect to launch our Platinum Astro Vinyl in the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Our Astro Vinyl black was a sell-out, so the Platinum Vinyl Astro was an obvious choice for the range.  

Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

The FIRST100 products carried an etched limited-edition number. Number 70 was won by a lucky follower of our social media posts. 

Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

The Astro Vinyl range is perfect for lava lamp lovers and vinyl collectors. So switch on your Mathmos Astro Vinyl lava lamp and spin your favourite vinyl for the perfect combination of retro nostalgia and relaxation.  

Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

Our inspiration for this classic 1963 Astro lava lamp range came from platinum vinyl record awards. The Platinum record certification was introduced in the music industry in 1976 to celebrate the sale of one million units for albums and two million for singles. Michael Jackson holds the record at 34 x Platinum for the Thriller album. 

Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

The Astro Vinyl range makes excellent birthday gift ideas as they have a unique gift box with a trippy vinyl design, meaning they can be appreciated from the moment they are received and even used for display in collections. Mathmos lava lamps are proudly displayed in many recording studios, home vinyl set-ups, work desks, gaming set-ups and bedside table lamps worldwide. 

Platinum Vinyl Lava Lamps by Mathmos

The Astro Vinyl range boasts a woven sawtooth black and white lead like the ones found on amplifiers, guitar leads and other music equipment. Mathmos lava lamps and music have a long history, from the Beatles, through the 90s to the present day. Mathmos lava lamps are popular for music videos, stage dressing, and after-party settings; the Astro and our iO giant lava lamp even toured with Stereophonics. Legend has it that no recording studio should be without a lava lamp, and this message was received by British rock legends David Bowie and Ringo Starr. They each owned lava lamps, Starr in his home and Bowie in the recording studio. 

Outdoor Lava Lamps

Mathmos Outdoor Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are not usually associated with outdoor usage… until now. Mathmos noticed this gap in the market and created the fantastic candle-powered lava lamp range to overcome these limitations. The Mathmos candle lava lamps are portable, high quality, and a great talking point at a table over a few ice-cold drinks on a warm summer evening. 

Mathmos Outdoor Lava Lamps

The Mathmos Pod+ is an excellent addition to Alfresco Dinners. The large stem gives the lava lamp height, making for a striking table decoration. Why not use the Fireflow candle rocket lava lamp to bring some fun to your family BBQs in the garden? 

Mathmos Outdoor Lava Lamps

When the night draws in, the flicker of the tealight candle sets a calming atmosphere to help you relax. Try using a citronella candle in your tealight lava lamp to avoid pesky mosquitoes; Also handy for beer gardens, Summer parties, restaurants, and beach huts. 

Mathmos Outdoor Lava Lamps

The Mathmos candle-powered lava lamps featured in James Whiting’s Planet Studio Exhibition at Britain’s iconic RHS Chelsea flower. James’ fantastic displays for the Houseplants Studio section at Chelsea have secured him gold medals two years in a row. He curates fascinating exhibitions using houseplants and retro classics in a nostalgic display which viewers resonate with. Planet Studio is the name of the 2022 entry for James and is inspired by the iconic 1970s Manhattan nightclub Studio 54. 

Mathmos Outdoor Lava Lamps

Studio 54 was a world-famous nightclub on 54th Street in Manhattan, NYC. During the ‘70s, at the peak of Disco’s popularity, Studio 54 was a celebrity hotspot with the likes of Bowie, Mick Jagger, Elton John and Andy Warhol frequenting the club’s dancefloor.  

Mathmos Outdoor Lava Lamps

With a combination of houseplants, Mathmos lava lamps, disco balls and vinyl records, you can create your own Studio 54 inspired vibe at home. 

How lava lamps help encrypt the internet at Design Museum, Zurich

One of the most engaging and soothing features of Mathmos lava lamps is the ever-changing nature of the lava movement. It turns out that this is also perfect for producing the random, chaotic means necessary for strong computer encryption.

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About Cryptology

A wall of lava lamps encrypts up to 10% of the worldwide web via Cloudflare, a web security and content company in San Francisco, USA. So how do lava lamps encrypt the internet? The encryption is created through snapshots of a video of the moving lava globules; each flow is unique with no pattern – making perfect encryption formula.

To illustrate lava lamps being used for internet data encryption The Zurich Design Museum has created a wall of 100 Mathmos Astro lava lamps as part of their Planet Digital Exhibition. The exhibition is organised in conjunction with the University of Zurich and focuses on installations which invite visitors to experience the science of digitalization with all their senses.

Zurich Design Museum

The Zurich Design Museum kindly gave us 50 tickets to offer to our European Mathmos fans to visit the exhibition. Not all Mathmos fans could make it to Zurich to visit the museum, so we offered a giveaway on our Facebook and Instagram pages. This giveaway was for thirty lucky people to win an Astro original lava lamp for their own collections. The Planet Digital Exhibition runs until early June 2022.

It is excellent that the lava lamp, a retro analogue icon created in the sixties, is still being used to help advance technology in the digital age. It is also great that Mathmos lava lamps find favour in today’s technology companies; Google EU Offices are renowned globally for their creative work environment. Google has gifted employees a lava lamp for their desks to inspire creativity and help with mindfulness.

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Giant Lava Lamps at London’s Design University, Ravensbourne

During lockdown, Mathmos ventured into an eerily quiet Ravensbourne University in London to photograph our impressive giant lava lamps. Ravensbourne University is located in London’s new design district on the Greenwich peninsula, next to the O2 Arena.

The building of Ravensbourne University was completed in 2010 and designed by architect, Farshid Moussavi. The university is a fabulous building and seemed to be the perfect location to capture the grandeur of our massive lava lamps.

Our largest lava lamp, the Mathmos Saturn, is in stock across our international websites and is the biggest production line lava lamp ever made. This showstopping lamp is 1.5m tall and made in the UK entirely by hand to ensure the highest quality standards and boasts ultra-clear borosilicate glass for the best lava viewing experience. A great statement piece which can be secured to the floor for use in public, domestic spaces or sensory rooms.

We also offer the iO lava lamp in silver or matt black for tables or floors, and iO stands at a colossal 78cm (2.5ft) tall, and the design for the iO took inspiration from 1960s TVs. This big lava lamp for adults has two viewing angles and can be fixed into place, making it perfect for both public and domestic spaces such as your gaming set up, man cave or a significant upgrade to your work set up as a new ambient desk lamp.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of our photoshoot at the institute of creativity and technology at Ravensbourne University.

Lava lamps help you relax and relieve stress

Mathmos candle-powered lava lamps are some of the best stress relief and relaxation gifts. In a survey of 5,000 people, 93% of responders told us that their Mathmos lava lamp helps them destress. Give the gift of calm to yourself or your friends and family with our candle-powered range, which includes Fireflow, Pod and Pod+, recently introduced to the range in copper.

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In a world of instant gratification, hectic schedules, and deadlines, people are looking for ways to destress and restore balance in their lives.

A counter-movement to the chaos of life is emerging for people claiming back inner peace. The art of slow living encourages you to take a slower and simpler approach to life to avoid stress, move forward with purpose, and bring more meaning to your life. 

Slow mornings are a great way to introduce this practice into your routine. Wake up early, pour yourself a cup of coffee in your favourite mug, sit in a peaceful place and light your Mathmos candle-powered lava lamp. Use the 20-minute warmup time to take some time for yourself in solitude and enjoy the calm around you. Once the lava is flowing, you could say a positive affirmation to yourself or out loud every time the lava globule rises or simply concentrate on the slow movement of the lava. Then, when you are ready, blow out the candle, go about your day with mindfulness, and remember to take it easy – there is no rush!

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Mindfulness sessions look different to everyone, so portability is crucial to our candle lava lamps. We didn’t want wires to be a limitation which is why the Pod lava lamps are perfect to use in the bathroom. Run yourself a bubble bath, light your Mathmos Pod lava lamp and dim the rest of the lights. Allow the flickering of the candle and gentle lava flow to provide the perfect relaxing environment to help you unwind and destress after a long day. Once cooled, the Pod can be moved to another room to set the ambience for Yoga or meditation.

If food is more your language, do not fret; cooking yourself a lovely meal or ordering food is a form of self-love. Use the Mathmos Pod candle lava lamp to set your table for dinner to create a calming ambience with the candle’s warm glow and the lava flow. They are a great talking point for guests and are used in restaurants and kitchen tables worldwide.

They look great in multiples, and we offer a discount for purchasing more than one at a time. In addition, you can join us on our social channels, as we often provide giveaways when making new colourways.

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Saturn Giant Lava Lamp

In late Autumn 2021, the highly anticipated Saturn giant lava lamp joined the Mathmos range. Saturn is the biggest production line lava lamp ever made, towering at 5ft (1.5m) high and working right out of the box. No special on-site filling or assembly is required.

We challenged ourselves to fill constant requests for a massive lava lamp. This giant lava lamp is a stunning statement piece proudly hand-made in Britain to the highest possible quality standards. The bottle is produced from ultra-clear borosilicate glass. The metalwork is spun and laser-cut aluminium polished by hand by skilled British craftsmen.

We worked for years to design and develop the Saturn formula to ensure that it can travel, warm up in around 3 hours and give a 6-hour display of the unique Mathmos lava movement. The Saturn design was developed at Mathmos HQ in Dorset and is rooted in our 1960s lava lamp design, The Princess. This enormous lava lamp was designed with public spaces in mind. Therefore, the three legs have optional floor fixing points for added safety.

The FIRST10 Mathmos Saturn lava lamps were released with a unique number etched into the leg. They were quickly snapped up by collectors, with number 1 remaining in the Mathmos archive. The rest of the first batch followed suit selling out within days. Each gigantic lava lamp is hand filled to order and comes with a dated instruction book.

Lava Lamps for Kids

The Only Lava Lamps Tested Safe For Children

Unlike other lava lamps the Mathmos Neo table top range has gone through the demanding process of passing the child safety tests. It is packed with safety features including low voltage power, shatter proof glass and optional table fixing points.

Now Available in Neon Pink & Orange

Fluorescent orange and pink metal parts join silver, copper and white options in the Neo range. Together with 6 lava colour options there are now 30 possible lava lamp colour combinations to choose from.

No Landfill

Like all Mathmos lava lamps spare parts including bottles and bulbs are available from Mathmos on an ongoing basis so our lamps can always be reconditioned and never need to end their lives.

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Original 1960s lava lamp: Astro Baby in Copper

Astro Baby is one of the two original 1960s lava lamp designs by the inventor of lava lamps and Mathmos founder Edward Craven Walker. His other design is the Astro. Both models were originally sold in this lovely copper anodised finish which has not been available in the Astro Baby since the 1980s.

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Originally called the Astro Mini we changed the name to Astro Baby in the 1990s. These are marketing images from the 1960s, we sourced the original Welware melamine crockery to recreate the photo.

mathmos astrobaby copper lava lamp

Edward Craven Walker with his wife and business partner Christine in Dorset in the 1960s. Christine kindly signed 4 postcards for lucky winners at our re-launch. An aerial photo of the Poole lava lamp factory in the 1970s. Astro Baby lava lamp has been in continuous production in Poole since its launch in 1964.

During the 1990s we developed a cartoon character the Astro Baby, seen here on postcards and Christmas cards.

New Astro Vinyl lava lamp

Our new range of classic 1963 Astro lava lamps is inspired by vinyl records. Much like Mathmos lava lamps, vinyl records have lasted the test of time and we think the two have lots in common.

Skilled British craftsmen spin the aluminium and etch in the grooves. Then a shiny black anodised finish is applied to create the record-like effect. There is a unique box design and its woven sawtooth black and white lead is similar to those found on guitars and amplifiers.

There is an urban legend that it is good luck to have a lava lamp in a recording studio. It is rumoured to be because engineers would use lava lamps as timers to let them know when tube microphones were warmed up enough to be used. The legendary David Bowie was photographed by Jimmy King in this recording studio with an Astro Baby in action.

Lava lamps have been owned and used by several musicians Ringo Star, Paul McCartney and Keane to mention a few. Shown above with band members of the Stereophonics in their video for Handbags and Gladrags.

Rega like Mathmos are a heritage British manufacturer, they specialise in high-quality Hi-Fi. See our Astro Vinyl lava lamps sitting in Rega’s yellow demo room and their Planar 2 deck in one of our images.

FIRST100 & FIRST10 Limited Editions

For a while now we have been numbering the FIRST100 products made with a unique number. Then on release day, the FIRST100 Mathmos enthusiasts can buy one of these collector’s pieces. We do this because we know we have collectors and enthusiasts who love to collect our products. We do not charge more for them even though it costs us quite a bit more to do as it is our gift to our most engaged customers.

We try to be as fair as possible putting half in our German warehouse for EU distribution and half in the UK. We keep a small number back for our archive and customer competitions, however, inevitably there is disappointment as there simply aren’t enough to go around.

In our Astro Vinyl launch recently the FIRST100 allocation sold out instantly and caused our German website to crash. There were many disappointed people many of whom voiced their frustration on our social channels causing us to have a good think about this at Mathmos. We thought it a shame that a product that was so popular it sold way over our expectations should be attracting negative comments.

This autumn we have several new products to launch and we are going to continue with the FIRST100 concept on a first-come, first-served basis for now and keep it under review. We have several new metal finishes in our current models, these new metal finishes may stay in the range, they may not. We are also launching one, possibly two new models. Unless you have very deep pockets you couldn’t buy them all.

We have decided for now that new metal colourways in current models will be treated differently to completely new Mathmos lava lamp models. Completely new models will have an etch, print or badge on the product itself. We will let you know on social and email in advance when they will be launched and email again when they are ready to buy. New metal colourways in current classic Mathmos models will come with a FIRST100 sticker on the box and a numbered holographic certificate. We will not let you know in advance about the launch of these by email just on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will email when they are available to buy.

We will post on the websites when the FIRST100 are sold out but whilst we will do our best there may be a delay between them selling out and us updating the sites, expect them to go very quickly. We have also taken steps to minimise the possibility of our websites crashing during future product releases.

We ask for your patience on launch day as it can take some time to allocate and double-check the FIRST100 orders. If you would like to know whether you have secured a FIRST100 please send an email with your order number and we will respond once the allocation process is completed. Persistent phone calls can slow down the process.

Lastly, We urge you to just buy the products you love, if you get a FIRST100 great but please don’t be disappointed if you don’t, you will still be one of the first to have a new variation of Mathmos’ classic lava lamps.