Mathmos blog

The Moon Landings

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings in July 1969. This incredible event inspired people the ...
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Inspired by Mathmos Lava lamps

Inspired by Lava

Fashion, Tech & Craft are all inspired by lava right now; The new Apple iOS 13 update features new wallpapers ...
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Mathmos lava lamps at the Barbican London

Mathmos at the Barbican

Astro in the Barbican The Barbican centre was built between 1965 & 1975. We think this iconic brutalist construction is ...
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mathmos space projector lava led

Upgraded Space Projector

LED Bulb * New * The Space Projector is now fitted with an LED bulb which offers several benefits; it ...
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Mathmos Pink lava lamps

We believe in pink

Pink "Pink is now having a 'cool' phase: It's hip, it's androgynous, it's strong." Valerie Steele author of "Pink: The ...
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mathmos lava lamps - Recondition, reuse, repair

Recondition / Refresh / Reuse

Mathmos Lava Lamps are for Life - Not just for Christmas We make our iconic lava lamps to last - ...
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mathmos pop protest 68

Mathmos Astro in Pop & Protest Exhibition

Mathmos astro lamps feature alongside other 1960s Pop Design classics in the great 68. Pop & Protest Exhibition in Hamburg, ...
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Mathmos lava lamps - Barbarella

Barbarella’s Birthday Giveaway

Mathmos is named after the bubbling lake of lava under the city of Sogo in the cult 1968 film Barbarella ...
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Pretty Green x Mathmos lava lamp 2

Pretty Green x Mathmos 2

The second collaboration between British fashion brand Pretty Green and Mathmos; inventors of the lava lamp. We have created two ...
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Mathmos Telstar rocket lava lamp - Copper and black

*New* Telstar now in Black and Copper

A new finish for the classic Mathmos rocket shaped lava lamp; cast metal legs with a high shine copper finish ...
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