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Lava Lamps for Kids

The Only Lava Lamps Tested Safe For Children Unlike other lava lamps the Mathmos Neo table top range has gone ...
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Mathmos Astro Baby Copper Lava Lamp

Original 1960s lava lamp: Astro Baby in Copper

Astro Baby is one of the two original 1960s lava lamp designs by the inventor of lava lamps and Mathmos ...
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New Astro Vinyl lava lamp

Our new range of classic 1963 Astro lava lamps is inspired by vinyl records. Much like Mathmos lava lamps, vinyl ...
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FIRST100 & FIRST10 Limited Editions

For a while now we have been numbering the FIRST100 products made with a unique number. Then on release day, ...
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Mathmos lava lamp vote

Special Lava Lamp Fills

When we are less frantic during spring and summer, we ask you to choose colour combinations for special lava lamp ...
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Mathmos Lava Lamp Love

Love, Love, Love

We think we could all do with a bit of extra love during these difficult times. Treat someone special to ...
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Mathmos Retro Lava Lamp

Comfort in the Past

During times of difficulty, we often turn to things from the past, as they remind us of happier times and ...
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Mathmos Giant Lava Lamp - Black

New – Giant iO in Matt Black

Mathmos' sell-out giant lava lamp iO in matt black is in stock. iO stands at 78cm (2.5ft) tall and is ...
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Mathmos Lava Lamp Pin Badges

Limited Edition Lava Lamp Pin Badges

A pair of limited edition Mathmos lava lamp pin badges of our classic Astro and Astro Baby designs. A strictly ...
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Mathmos lava lamps - The appearance of colour3

The Appearance of Colour

We are sometimes asked why the colours of lava lamps look slightly different when you turn them on at home ...
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