Thaw ice candle
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Thaw Ice Candle Kit

Freeze your own ice candle

Create the ice by freezing in any home freezer. Then assemble Thaw, light the candle and watch illuminated ice melt beautifully back into the mold. Each time you use Thaw the shape of the ice, the way it melts and the way it holds the candle light will be different. Thaw takes about 3 hours to melt much the same time as the life of a tea light.

Ice candle kit

Thaw is a kit of parts which allows you to create your own ice candle.

See movie to see how it works. Mathmos Thaw movie play

3hour melt time

Thaw has a melt time of approximately 3 hours: close to the average burn time of a standard tea light.

See movie for demo. Mathmos Thaw movie play

Thaw ice candle - Melting Thaw Ice Candle - Photo by Anthony Voz Thaw ice candle - Copper Thaw ice candle - White Thaw ice candle - Low Thaw ice candle - Mid Mathmos Thaw - Ice candle
Click here to view and download instructions for Thaw Candle Light.
Weight: 0.45kg
Product size: diameter 115mm x height 120mm (no ice). 220mm high (approx) with ice
Light: 1 Tea light (included)
Power: 1 Tea light (included)
Materials: Stanless steel collar and tray - Silicon mould - Plastic ice cap