Fluidium lava Lamp
Fluidium Lava Lamp Yellow Fluidium Lava Lamp Yellow
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Fluidium Lava lamp

designed by Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegroves' modern take on the Lava lamp. Hand made in Dorset.

Known as "Captain Organic," Ross Lovegrove embraces nature as the inspiration for his "fat-free" design. Each object he creates -- be it bottle, chair, staircase or car -- is reduced to its essential elements. His pieces offer minimal forms of maximum beauty.

Hand Made in the UK

Ross Lovegroves' modern take on the Lava lamp. Hand made in Dorset. We have been making Lava lamps at our factory in Poole since 1963, a fact we are extremely proud of. Fluidium is the latest addition to our range.

The Best Quality

We fill every bottle by hand with our unique Mathmos formula. This gives our lamps the best shape lava formations, the clearest liquids and the longest bottle life. Each product is individually inspected and tested to ensure that a Mathmos lava lamp is the best quality in the world.

Fluidium Lava Lamp Yellow Fluidium Lava Lamp Yellow
Weight: 3.8kg
Product size: height 490mm
Light: 240V 40W SES wide flood halogen
Power: Mains power
Materials: Base - Injection moulded polycarbonate - Bottle - Soda lime glass - Mathmos lava formula
Mathmos astro lava lamp children advice


Lava lamps are not toys. Please position them well out of reach of children under 14 years old.

This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: D,E
The luminaire is sold with a bulb of the energy class: E

Mathmos lava lamp instructions


Chose a position for your lamp on a level surface in a room with a temperature between 20 and 24°C or (69 to 75°F).

Place the lamp well away from;

  • children under 14 years – to prevent breakage
  • sunlight – to prevent fading
  • drafts – to prevent slow operation
  • cold places – to prevent freezing
  • hot places – to prevent overheating
  • animals – to prevent breakage
  • do not place on carpets or block the ventilation spaces beneath the lamp.

Set Up & Warm Up

Put the bottle on the base with the screw cap at the top. If it is not sitting straight please rotate a little. Then plug it in and turn it on. NB. It is normal for the glass to have small air bubbles and moulding scars.

Warm up takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the size of the model and the surrounding temperature. Stalagmite shapes may form during the warm up process, these will then melt and the lava will begin to flow.


Your Mathmos lava lamp will operate best after it has been used for or five times. For the fist few times you may see small air bubbles in the lava. Please do not leave your lava lamp on for more than six hours a day; this will prolong the life of your lamp.

Overheating will shorten the light of the life of the lamp. Overheating is occurring if there is either one large bubble or many smaller ones. Never move or shake the lamp when it is in use or still warm as this causes irreparable clouding. It is normal for the base to become very hot.


When your lava lamp has ended its life it will begin to go cloudy, the colours may fade and it will not move as well as it once did. This will happen after approximately 2000 hours of operation. You can then buy a new bottle at www.mathmos.com in the current colours available. Please note we do not refill bottles and please on no account open the bottle or add liquids.

If the bulb blows please replace it with one of the same type and wattage. Only fit the correct bulb, as stated on the label in the base. Again bulbs can be bought at www.mathmos.com as can many replacement parts.


This lamp has passed the relevant safety standards and carries the statutory guarantee of the country of purchase. The liquid in the lamps are not dangerous and can be disposed of normally. Never use a lamp if the bottle has been dropped as this will create weakness in the glass, obtain a replacement bottle and dispose of the old one. Do not leave the lamp unattended with small children. If the liquid is swallowed by mistake drink plenty of water. If it is spilt onto the skin or had contact with the eyes pour on cold water. If any symptoms appear please visit a doctor.

Please retain these instructions should be retained for future use. If you have further questions about your lava lamp please visit http://www.mathmos.com/lava_lamp_FAQ.html

Q. Why is my lava lamp cloudy?

A. Lava lamps become cloudy for two reasons; either they have been shaken or moved whilst hot or they have reached the end of their life (2000 hours). You can purchase a replacement bottle for your lava lamp here.

Q. Why does my lava lamp have bubbles in the glass?

A. Lava lamp bottles are manufactured in automated bottling factories. Small bubbles are a normal part of this manufacturing process, it is not a fault.

Q. Are Mathmos lava lamps suitable for children?

A. No lava lamps on the market are suitable for children under 14 years old. Mathmos lava lamps, as all lava lamps, should be placed well out of reach of children under 14.

Q. What are the differences in quality between a Mathmos lava lamp and others?

A. A differnt lava formulation giving better lava flow, longer life, clearer liquids and more vivid colours. The metal parts are of a thicker, higher grade metal allowing us to hand polish them to a high shine. Our bulbs are directional taking the heat away from the base and directing the light into the lava. We have a higher standard of safety and build quality audited by a number of different bodies. We provide a comprehensive range of spare parts unlike other throw away products. We have 50 years of British manufacturing excellence to draw on.

Q. How long should it take for my lava lamp to warm up?

A. Lava lamps should start working within an hour to an hour and a half of turning them on. First they will form stalagmite shapes, then they will start to form lava lamp shapes.

If you lava lamp does not warm up in this time it may be positioned in the wrong place or the room may be too cold. Lava lamps should be positioned away from drafts and air conditioning. The room should be at least 20 degrees centigrade.

Q. My lava lamp just has one large bubble sitting at the top of the bottle that does not move?

A. The lava lamp is overheated. It could have been on too long (more than 8 hours), so please turn it off and allow it too cool. Or it is positioned in a room that is too hot (more than 24 degrees) or next to a heater.  Please reposition your lamp.

Q. How should I dispose of my lava lamp bottle when it reaches the end of its life?

A. Please make a hole in the metal cap with a sharp point, then pour away the liquid. The bottle may then be recycled through your local recycling centre.

Q. Can I buy new liquids for my lava lamp?

A. Lava lamp bottles are a sealed unit and so we do not sell the liquids separately, but you can buy a new bottle and contents for Mathmos lava lamps here.

Q. Can I buy a new cap for my lava lamp bottle?

A. Lava lamp bottles are a sealed unit and so we do not sell the cap separately, but you can buy a new bottle and contents here.

Q. Why is my lava lamp bottle not sitting straight in the base?

A. Lava lamp bottles do vary minutely as part of the manufacturing process. Turn your bottle round so that it finds a good fit with the base.

Q. How long do lava lamps last?

A. Mathmos Lava lamp bottles last for approximately 2000 hours of use. After this you can buy a replacement bottle here.

Q. Where can I buy replacement bulbs for my Mathmos lava lamp?

A. Mathmos have large stocks of replacement bulbs for our lava lamps available here.

Q. Can I buy a replacement bottle for my Jet?

A. We are afraid that Mathmos no longer stocks replacement bottles for the discontinued Jet model.

Q. Can I buy a replacement bottle for my Lunar?

A. Yes these are available here.

Q. Why has my lava lamp made strange stalagmite shapes?

A. This is a normal part of the warming up process. Please leave it on longer and then it will start to form moving lava shapes.

Q. My lava lamp is not lighting up?

Please check that your bulb is working.  You may buy a new bulb here. Alternatively, please check the integrity of the fuse in the plug.


Fluidium Lava lamp

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