SINCE 1963
Astro lava lamp: Silver

The first lava lamp designed by the founder of Mathmos and inventor of lava lamps in 1963.

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Neo lava lamp

The only lava lamp tested for both children and adults.

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Telstar lava lamp

Mathmos' classic rocket shaped lava lamp.

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Astro Baby lava lamp

Hand made in Britain for over 50 years.

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Fireflow candle lava lamp

The only candle powered lava lamp. 

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* NEW * Neo Wall lava lamp

The only lava lamp for walls.

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Space Projector with a lava lamp effect

The Mathmos lava lamp projector

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*New* Pretty Green x Mathmos lava lamp

A collaboration between fashion brand Pretty Green and Mathmos

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Astro lava lamp: Copper

A range of Astro lava lamps in the original copper finish.

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Astro lava lamp: Black, Gold & Blue

A range of Astro lava lamps in matt anodised colours.

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Special Projects

Lava lamp installations for public spaces, events and interiors.

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Astro lava lamp: Metallic

A futuristic vacuum metalised version of the classic astro.

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Mathmos Lava Lamps

Mathmos invented the product group known as the lava lamp. Mathmos lava lamps have been manufactured in Britain since 1963, and are one of the few products to have remained in continuous British production for nearly 50 years.

The original lava lamp the "Astro" was invented by the founder of Mathmos Edward Craven-Walker in 1963. His invention was based on an invention for an egg timer by a Mr. Dunnett. Edward Craven Walker spent years perfecting his invention for lava lamps and then marketing them world wide during the 1960s and 1970s.

Originally called Astro Lamps and now widely known as lava lamps, these lamps became an icon of British Pop Design and of the swinging 60s. Mr Craven-Walker remained a consultant at Mathmos, perfecting the unique Mathmos lava lamp formula, until his sad death in 2000.

Today Mathmos lava lamps are exported all over the world, and we like to think that not only are they the original product made by the inventors in the original place, but they are also the best quality lava lamp you can buy.

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