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Crestworth original 1960s lava lamps Crestworth is the original name of Mathmos the company founded by Edward Craven-Walker in 1963. Crestworth was founded to manufacture lava lamps and has been making them in Poole, Dorset, U.K ever since.

Whilst the name changed everything else remained the same; the products, the people, the machines, the expertise and the location carried on. Edward Craven-Walker remained a consultant until his death in 2000.

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Further Notes of the company name;
The company name was changed in fact twice to coincide with changes in ownership. Firstly in 1989 from Crestworth Ltd. to Crestworth Trading Ltd. when Cressida Granger and David Mulley joined Christine and Edward Craven-Walker as shareholders.

The name was changed again in 1992 from Crestworth Trading to Mathmos when Granger and Mulley became majority shareholders. The name Mathmos comes from the bubbling force in the cult 1960s film Barbarella and was felt to embody the spirit of the company and the lava lamp more than the original name.