Chuppi light
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A customisable art toy, and a wireless colour changing light

Place Chuppi on his home to charge him up. Take him off his base and either set him on a single colour or let him to cycle through the spectrum. He will either fade off automatically after half an hour or set him to stay lit for up to 6 hours. Customise Chuppi with reusable low tack stickers for 18 different characters.

Chuppi is a great gift for all ages and an adult's collectable art toy;

Chuppi is designed by Mathmos in collaboration with brilliant Sheffield based designers TADO. Mike and Katie of TADO have worked with Nike, MTV, Puma, Adidas, Vodafone, Elle Magazine, Star Wars, McDonald's, Microsoft's Zune, and Kidrobot. They produce graphics, animation, web design, designer toys and customized cars.

Chuppi is also a perfect childs night light; give Chuppi to a child to take to bed and either let it turn itself off after half an hour or slowly fade down during the night. NB. Whilst Chuppi itself is suitable for all ages the stickers should only be used by children over 3 years.


Portable Rechargeable

Chuppi is portable and rechargeable. Charge Chuppi up and he will keep you company where ever you go. Chuppi also has a sleep function so if you're using him as a night light he will switch off after half an hour.

Customisable - 18 Characters

Chuppi comes with two sticker sheets which enable you to create 18 Tado characters. You can of course get creative and create one of your own. NB. The stickers are low tack meaning they will not stick firmly so that you can use them again and again.


Suitable for all ages

Perfect as fun gift and / or a childs night light.

(NB. The stickers are only suitable for those over 3 years old).

Mathmos Chuppi light - create your own characters Mathmos Chuppi night light Mathmos Chuppi - create your own monster Mathmos Chuppi - apply stickers to create character Chuppi - On - Couple Chuppi - Charging - All faces Chuppi - Off - Charge Chuppi - Portable - Rechargeable Chuppi - Tado - Box Chuppi - Tado - Stickers Chuppi - On - Three Chuppi - On - Smile Chuppi - On - Moustache
Weight: 0.55kg
Product size: height 220mm
Light: High quality chip controlled LEDs
Power: Mains power
Materials: Spun ABS plastic
2 sheets of numbered stickers are included which enable you to create 18 TADO characters.

Of course you can create one of your own!

This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps A, A+, A++ The lamps cannot be changed in this luminaire